Starring: Jenna Sativa, Lilly Hall, Gianna Dior
Title Videos: My Conscience
Porn Studio:
Genre: Lesbians, Facesitting, Threesome, Milf, Pussy Licking, Brunette, Natural Tits, Fingering, Oil, Beautiful Girl, Shower, Bathroom
Duration: 00:37:49

Lilly Hall and Candice Dare are hanging out on Lilly"s bed as Lilly braids Candice"s hair. Candice mentions that she"s hot and asks Lilly if she could take a shower. She says sure and shows Candice where it is. Candice thanks her and closes the door. But Lilly can"t resist the thought of her gorgeous friend and cracks open the door as Candice slips off her top and shorts, revealing her luscious body. Lilly is mesmerized by Candice"s beautiful curves. As Candice steps into the shower and soaps up her juicy ass, Lilly can"t take anymore. She begins to rub her pussy while gazing at her friend. Suddenly a voice in Lilly"s head says "She"s so hot, you should just fuck her." Lilly is shocked to hear the voice, but before she can think, another voice in Lilly"s head chimes in: "You really shouldn"t, she"s your friend." "But her ass is so beautiful", the first voice says. "It"s not worth it, she"s been your friend for years", the second voice fires back. Finally, Lilly closes the door and walks away from the bathroom, her head spinning. Sitting down on the bed, she"s freaked out about the voices she"s hearing. Is she going crazy?? In answer to her question, Jenna Sativa, wearing a stunning red negligee, materializes out of nowhere on the bed next to her. Who are you?, Lilly asks, more freaked out than ever. Rubbing Lilly"s shoulders, Jenna introduces herself as the naughty side of Lilly"s conscience. She"s here to help Lilly relax and give in to her desire to fuck Candice. After all, she is a strong, sexually empowered woman, she says as she grabs Lilly"s tits and runs her hand along her body, kissing her hungrily. Moments later, things get even crazier as Gianna Dior, dressed as a beautiful angel, materializes out of nowhere on Lilly"s other side! Lilly can"t believe what she"s seeing. Gianna introduces herself as the good side of Lilly"s conscience. Twirling her hair flirtatiously on her finger, she tells Lilly that she"s here to help her do the right thing and not fuck her friend. Adding that she can satisfy her so thoroughly that she doesn"t need to fuck Candice, Gianna grabs Lilly and starts making out with her. Not content to simply watch, Jenna has an idea to lure Lilly to the dark side, and with a snap of her fingers, is suddenly naked, her juicy ass sticking out in Lilly"s face. But Gianna has some tricks up her sleeve too, and with a snap of her fingers, her top is off, revealing her perfect breasts. And the battle for Lilly"s soul continues as both sides of her conscience try to fuck their way to victory, with Lilly torn between her desire to do what"s right and her desire to do Candice. Who knew inner turmoil could be so damn hot?

Quality: FullHD 1080p
Format: mp4
Size: 1.56 Gb


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